Jon Bluern

I'm a passionated designer. My real name is Jonathan H. Díaz and my nickname is Jon Bluern. I was born in Caracas and grew up in Barcelona. Nowadays I'm still living in this beautiful city, my home. Prankster and close, but serious and professional at work, at the same time as a perfectionist, fighter and dreamer. I love the teamwork and I tend to be an initiative person.


I started to design with 13 years old, self-taught and since then never stopped. I'm graduated in Graphic Design and advertising. I'm currently studying at UOC (Open University of Catalonia). I instruct myself continuously doing various courses like (at present) UI/UX, photo retouching, social networks.


At present, I'm working in Mitsubishi Electric, Visual Information Systems Division at Marketing department as graphic designer. My job is for all European headquarters making photo retouching, UI, retail content, advertising material, catalogs, video, social network graphic content and website management. Part of my work is crossworking with other companies that are working with Mitsubishi, like MediaMarkt, Hema, and much more. Before that, I worked as freelance and junior designer.


In 2017, I worked and exposed for a little gallery at Sant Cugat del Vallès. Blaumandarina. At 2016 I was finalist in a poster's competition in Gracia's neighborhood. Since 2001 I hate pizza with pinapple.